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Your garden is your oyster!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Did you know? There are endless studies to suggest gardening can have huge positive impacts on your mental health, can reduce stress, reduce high blood pressure and improve overall physical fitness!

A beautiful Viola that has just bloomed at The Black Swan! We thought it looked like a Butterfly!

While we must stay at home over the next few weeks, it’s important to use the space you do have as wisely as possible! If you’re lucky enough to have a closed off garden to also roam around in, make the most of what it has to offer. As we are starting to get some beautifully sunny days, it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some gardening and immerse yourself in making your garden thrive.

At The Black Swan, we have recently been busy sewing lots of seeds and getting our herb garden prepped for the summer. Follow in our footsteps and start to prepare your garden for the summer ahead! Start by getting rid of all the weeds that have accumulated through the winter period so your garden looks neat, tidy and ordered. Then, you can start preparing the soil for your plants to go in. If you were organised enough to stock up on plant seeds before now, it is the perfect time to start putting these into pots to then sew April/May time, if not, then have a look for online shops that could send some seeds through the post!

Also, embrace the flowers that are currently blooming in your garden such as Daffodils or Tulips! Enjoy how they add a gorgeous canvas of colour to your home and provide a pretty view to look out at. If you’re not particularly interested in gardening, even just picking a bunch of flowers from your garden and keeping them in a nice vase (which you could decorate while you have time on your hands) can help boost your mood and add a nice touch to the interior of your home! If there’s a nice variety of flowers in your garden, you could even try your hand at flower arranging and learn a new skill while also appreciating having lovely flowers!

Did you know? Flowers do more than just look pretty! Through their colour, scent or the act of giving/receiving they can diffuse anxieties, worries or low mood and can also ignite creativity! Specific flowers also have huge benefits to mental health e.g. lavender being the most popular for aiding sleep.

A beautiful selection of Tulips we had in our window recently!

Don’t have the luxury of a garden? That’s okay too! House plants can have major health benefits too! If you’ve already got some then this is the perfect time to check up on them, give them lots of water and remove any dead leaves or flowers lying in the pot! As mentioned before, if your pots don’t look very exciting then while you’ve time to spare get crafty and paint them up to make them look groovy and fun! However, if you haven’t had the chance to buy houseplants prior to now- fear not. You can still be just as green fingered by having a look at online retailers to source gardening kits to get you started. There are lots of ways of starting a passion for gardening/plants that don’t require you needing a garden. There are many online subscription services that you can sign up to, pay a monthly cost and receive a new house plant each month. Usually, they come with instructions on how to care for the plants too, and sometimes the plant food they require to give them a good start. Alternatively, you can also buy kits to grow vegetables. These are perfect because they usually come with small pots, vegetable seeds and compost. Then, all you have to do is sew the seeds into the pots with the compost and keep them in a light, airy and warm place in your house while you start to watch your little seedlings grow! After that, you may need a bigger pot to replant those into, however these will also be available to buy online.

An example of an easy vegetable growing kit that you can purchase and recreate from online retailers

So now it’s your turn! Get involved in gardening in some way shape or form and watch your thoughts wander, your mood improve and your isolation become more exciting! We would love to see how you get on by uploading pictures to your social media and tagging us!

Good Luck! 🌿 🌸🍃 🌼


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